Mafia Game, aka Werewolf, is a simple yet entertaining party game. You only need a dice and a few cards and friends to play it. (At least 4)

Each card is a role. Each role has its own win condition and ability, except Survival who mostly doesn’t do anything.

Time is always changing from day to night and from night to day (obviously), and depending on your role what you can do changes also by time. During day, everyone can talk and vote who they don’t like. If the votes are equal, the dice decides who gets one plus vote. The voted player has to say what they claim to be, and then the rest of the town decides his fate by voting either with a “yes”, a “no”, or a “idk”. If yes and no is equal, the dice decides again. If there’s more no than yes, the voted player dies and has to show his card to everyone. You can only show your role if you die, or if your role allows you to do so.

During the night nobody can talk (only the game master if you have one who leads the game) and the wolves/mafia hunts. After everyone is finished with their things, at the start of the day the killed player has to show his role to everyone.

Dead players can still talk but can’t give info or advice, and can still win.

Players/Town/Mafia/Solo (This is how I recommend it.)

It’s also recommended for the solo role to be Survival if there’s only one solo role in game.

(Town, Good, Village means the same, the good team.)


Evil roles: Wins if only they (and Survival) are alive.

Alpha Wolf/Godfather
You are the first who can kill at night.

Silence Wolf/Blackmailer
While Alpha Wolf/Godfather is alive, you can’t kill anyone. You can mute one player each night who can’t speak during next day.

Wolf Seer/Stalker
While either Alpha Wolf or Silence Wolf is alive, you can’t kill at night. You can show one player’s role to the whole mafia/wolf team at night.

Cute Wolf/Mafioso
You can only kill at night if you’re the last evil team member. When you die you can take someone with you to the grave.

Good roles: Wins if there’s at least one good role alive, and no Mafia or Serial Killer is left.

You make two players lovers at the first night. They show each other their role. If one lover dies, both does, and if only lovers are left alive (and you) both lovers and you win. If the town or mafia wins, lovers win (or don’t) depending on their team.

During day, you can show your role to everyone and kill one player. After you showed your role you can’t hide it. You can keep killing people as long as you don’t kill a good role. Only one kill a day.

During day, you can show your role to everyone that you can no longer hide, and show another player’s role to everyone. That day the sheriff can’t kill and there is no voting.

Town Crier
When you die you can show one player’s role to everyone that he can no longer hide.

When you die you can kill someone.

You can check one player’s role each night.

You can show your role to one player each night who also shows his to you.

You can defend one player each night. You die instead of the defended player if he gets attacked. This doesn’t work against lover death.

You can save one player each night including yourself. This doesn’t work against Hunter or Cute Wolf or lover death.

During day you can show your role to everyone that you can no longer hide and during that day only you can vote.

Solo roles:

You can’t do anything interesting. You win if you survive the game.

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Serial Killer
You can kill one player each night including wolves. You win if you’re the only player left alive. Wolves can also kill you.

Fool (boring role not recommended)
You can’t do anything. You win if you get voted out. You die any other way or you survive the game you lose.

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17yo Hungarian depressed Male teen.

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