Mafia Game, aka Werewolf, is a simple yet entertaining party game. You only need a dice and a few cards and friends to play it. (At least 4)

Each card is a role. Each role has its own win condition and ability, except Survival who mostly doesn’t do anything.

Time is always changing from day to night and from night to day (obviously), and depending on your role what you can do changes also by time. During day, everyone can talk and vote who they don’t like. If the votes are equal, the dice decides who gets one plus vote. The voted player has to say what they claim to be, and then the rest of the town decides his fate by voting either with a “yes”, a “no”, or a “idk”. If yes and no is equal, the dice decides again. If there’s more no than yes, the voted player dies and has to show his card to everyone. …


Peter Ball

17yo Hungarian depressed Male teen.